About the Club

Cardigan Golf Club is a beautiful golf course which offers a challenge to a golfer of any skill level. Located in Cardigan, Ceredigion, it features a club house and a pro-golf shop for visitors... read more


Golfers who visit the Cardigan Golf Club in Wales, do so to face a challenge unlike any they have seen. The course is situated in a way which makes it challenging for any golfer. Natural elements... read more

Toughest Holes

Cardigan Golf Club has developed a reputation for providing challenging links and ideal scenery for golfers who have a passion for the game. That said, it is not a course designed with the amateur in mind... read more

What Skills do you Need?

The Cardigan Golf Club has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best golf courses in the world. Located in Cardigan, Ceredigion, it contains design elements which present problems for all... read more

Golfing in Cardigan

The UK is home to some of the best golfing locations in the entire world. Players travel to this region to gain experience and to invite a challenge unlike any they have encountered before. If this is your motivation... read more