Cardigan Golf Club: More Than Meets The Eye

The UK is home to some of the best golfing locations in the entire world. Players travel to this region to gain experience and to invite a challenge unlike any they have encountered before. If this is your motivation, then one of the best courses you can try is located at the Cardigan Golf Club. This course lies above the Cardigan Bay, and it offer breathtaking views. Its natural beauty belies the fact that it can be very challenging due to the wind and topography of the links it provides. Here are some reasons why Cardigan Golf Club provides an incredibly unique experience.

Since the course’s construction in the late 1920’s, Cardigan Golf Club has played host to professional events and visitors from many countries. It is a course which is steeped in tradition. However, the services that this club provides drives people to visit time and again. Resident PGA pro Steve Parsons is available to provide advice and lessons. He can help you to customize your clubs, repair them, and he can help you to improve the mechanics of your golf swing. The wealth of information that he brings to the table is reason enough to book a trip to this great location.

Cardigan Golf Club really sets itself apart though its clubhouse. The clubhouse offers extensive sea views from the lounge area. Winner of the Welsh Golf Club of the Year award, the clubhouse itself is professionally maintained and clean, and it presents a level of sophistication which is often absent from other clubhouses. Additionally, it contains a lounge and bar area that all other clubs envy. The lounge is large, which makes it an ideal spot for larger parties. You can see approach shot to the 18th green, which is always a delight. The bar staff are more than hospitable, and the restaurant features exquisite dinner options.

One of the main reasons why Cardigan Golf Club is different from the rest, is because the club serves private functions as well. The dining and lounge area is frequently rented for private gatherings and events. Birthdays, wedding receptions and graduations are all great reason to turn to Cardigan Golf Club’s facilities. What’s more, these events can be catered by the staff at the club. This makes the club an extremely attractive option for people who want to try a new location for an important life event.

While some golf clubs are exclusive to their members, Cardigan Golf Club enjoys hosting visitors. There is always a social event going on, no matter what time of the year, so prospective visitors should check their website to determine the best time to go there. The club is located only 3 miles from the historic town of Cardigan, so party guests can easily go out and explore if they choose to do so. A combination of hospitable people, modern amenities and great golf, makes Cardigan Golf Club one of the most desirable locations in the UK.